An open letter to the Debates Production Partnership

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Our leaders' debate must include health care

The upcoming federal election involves many issues of concern to Canadians, but none is greater than health care. According to recent Ipsos polling it is the number one issue of concern to Canadians and 67% of us say a party’s plan to improve access to primary healthcare will be a deciding factor in our vote.

It is therefore inconceivable that the Debates Production Partnership failed to include a section on health care in its lineup for the English and French leaders’ debates. We share the concerns of other groups including the Canadian Medical Association that this is an oversight that should be, and could be, easily corrected.

To date, over 1,600 Canadians have signed our petition asking that questions on healthcare be posed during the debate, and the number continues to grow. We ask that you heed the wishes of them and the millions of Canadians for whom health care is their primary concern, and put healthcare on the agenda for the upcoming debates.




Walter Schroeder

Founder, The Schroeder Policy Group

The Schroeder Policy Group was created to take a critical look at our society and recommend real policy solutions that will change the lives of Canadians. A major gap found is within Healthcare – important to all of us, yet in this election, our politicians are not paying enough attention to the issue.


  • The Right Honourable David Johnston, Commissioner
  • Rosemary Barton, CBC News
  • Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star
  • Dawna Friesen, Global News
  • Lisa LaFlamme, CTV News
  • Althia Raj, HuffPost Canada


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