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About the Schroeder Policy Group

The Schroeder Policy Group is committed to providing informed and credible, non-partisan policy recommendations on some of the biggest challenges facing the country.

The Group brings together the brightest economists and public policy experts in the country to provide insights and drive conversations on topics that are politically complicated, but critical to the well-being of our country. They ask questions that are hard, but necessary.

These experts examine areas of public service to find solutions and develop practical policy solutions to build a better country for all Canadians.

We need to ask politicians the right questions about issues that are important, but sometimes overlooked. While the Group is non-partisan, it does endorse particular platforms or policy commitments that align with its key findings.

A message from our founder

For 40 years I have built my career on examining numbers and identifying patterns that other may not see. I have found areas in public policy where the numbers simply don’t add up. I have also had the good fortune to travel extensively across this country, including to the province of Newfoundland, for whose people I have great love and respect.

I’ve decided to provide the funding for a non-partisan public policy group that will work with some of the country’s leading researchers to call on Canadians to ask politicians the right questions – particularly in this federal election. Questions that aren’t being asked, and that need to be asked, because they impact the well-being of all Canadians.

On this site, you will find testimonials of top medical specialists about how Ottawa needs to step up and increase funding for health care. You will also find research from esteemed economist Jack Mintz on why the federal equalization formula is so unfair to Newfoundland. 

I encourage you to watch these videos and read Jack’s piece and share them, and ask your local candidates to take these issues seriously. Write a letter to our leaders. Sign our petition to have these issues raised in the leaders’ debates. 

Together, we can make our voice heard on these crucial issues – and make a real difference.


Walter Schroeder